Life. Knitting. Frogging.

So I finished the H4H hat for R. It sucks. I hate it. I couldn’t make him wear that. It was too long, the alpaca just didn’t knit up well. I think maybe I should have used smaller needles to get a tighter knit and the whole pattern thing never really worked for me. I made it and he tried it on….and I snatched it off his head and threw it in the frog pile. So I’ll get some nice white alpaca back for some other project in the future. I ended up going to Target and buying him a knitted stocking cap. Cheating I know, but hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do sometimes.

Some have asked about the project bars on the side. This is how I did it.

Project Bars Linky

It takes a bit of HTML coding knowledge, but other than that it’s pretty easy.

I have been working on the socks for C the last few days. They are really coming along. I’m about 16 rows in on the leg pattern. That’s about 2 pattern repeats. So only 8 or so more to go (assuming my gauge is behaving).

It snowed here Sunday night, and we are expecting on getting more in the next couple days. I spent my morning calling around on my wedding things, settling orders and paying things. I was supposed to be in Lawrence, KS all day there doing it, but instead I got snowed in. The rest of the morning was spent outside with my lovely doggie. He just loved playing in the snow and I had a rather hard time getting him to come back inside.