Moving…it hurts!

So this morning I woke up feeling a bit like an 80 year old woman. My back aches, my arms ache and I have strange bruises from bumping into things.

The moving is about 85% complete. Still need to bring over dishes, drawers and some other random items. That will all take place over the next few days.

I’ve not picked up knitting since Thursday night at the CEY knit-along at Personal Threads. I have a photo of what I had accomplished on that project, but alas I have no internet at home till tonight and I need to find my camera. My yarn stash is happily sitting in a corner awaiting it’s new home in the basement. I’m hoping to get some carpet square or something at our local Habitat Re-Store this weekend to spruce up the place a bit. I’ll also need a flourecent light or something like that as it is a bit dark down there.

Soon I will be able to continue the 10kH project of opening an etsy. I don’t see this happening until at least June. I’m needed to make some curtains for the house too since I hate mini-blinds and want to rid my place of them.

Until next time.