Mail Call!

This week was a big mail week. Mainly because I finally received my KYS Post Holiday Karma Swap Package! The goal of this one was an after hoiday swap that included a skein of yarn, a handmade item, and an edible goodie of some sort. The price range was $10-15 max. The whole thing was set up Secret Santa style and you had no idea who had you.

I had a friend in Canada to spoil. I ended up making her the lovely Watermelon Pink Thermis and sending her a skein of Araucani Pehuen in a lovely orange/yellow colorway that I aquired in a swap this last month. I also send her some fruit flavored taffy from our local Whole Foods store. I didn’t get around to baking due to being snowed in and post-wedding mayhem. She really enjoyed her package!

My package arrived this week. I’m gonna post photos of it here.

The lovely wrapped packages!My "scent hound" sniffing to see if there's something good in there!The goodies!

So the package contained a skein of Inca Alpaca in a gorgeous red color, a box of Triple chocolate M&Ms, and a pair of Croc Socks!
In addition to the swap package my spoiler sent me a belated birthday package (which I’d forgotten she said she was sending).

Birthday goodies!

This was a 2nd skein of Inca Alpaca in a matching red and a box of Ghirardelli chocolates! Mmmm mmm good!

I have decided I want to make Liesel with the Inca Alpaca! I think it will make a lovely scarf that will be great for dressing up or wearing year round even!
Later this week or early next I’m expecting my first drop spindle! I’m super excited about this as learning to spin was one of the things I wanted to accomplish in 2010. I think it will be great fun learning to spin! I’ll definitely post an update when I get it. I think it is coming with a small amount of roving, and I’m probably going to claim some more in a swap in the next couple of days. That should give me plenty of things to do in the evenings!
Wishing you all a happy mail day as well!