5 Steps Forward, 3 steps back…

The past few days I’ve been really thrilled with how much I had gotten done on my FLS.  I had 20 rows of the yoke portion done. Well…..now I have 6. It seems Wed night knitting is the place to go to if I want to cry and rip out a few rows of knitting.

Here’s where I was about 15 rows into the knitting.

FLS pre-frogging to fix mistake

I realized after I got to my 2nd buttonhole row and knitted that row that the first buttonhole (on Row 6!!) wasn’t right. It was funky looking when I knitted it and I just told myself “It will blend in.” WRONGO!

So I spent most of my time at knitting last night carefully ripping out several rows (okay about 14) of knitting then picking up stitches and redoing a row or two. So now I’m at 6 rows complete on my FLS.

Also this weekend I’ve got to come up with a better way to wind my yarn into cakes. I have a yarn ball winder that I borrowed from someone, but I discovered that winding yarn by yourself with no swift results in…

Tangled Mess of Yarn