WIPs Wednesday

Ugh. I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already. It feels like this week is flying by and I’m just along for the ride.

Koigu Socks: Finished the first sock on Saturday and cast on the 2nd sock Sunday I believe. I’ve finished the toe, but have yet to start knitting the foot.

Shetland Triangle: Not really done any work on this since last week. It’s glaring at me from it’s bowl on my desk. (Yes, I have knitting bowls….)

FLS: Still stuffed into the “hating you at the moment” bin. It’s been removed from the knitting bag, which isn’t a good sign for any knitting project. I think when I get the 2nd sock done I might pick it back up and love on it some. We’ll see.

10kH: Started on it! Haven’t touched it since Saturday. I need to overcome this lack of motivation that I have. Maybe I need to move it from being a weekly thing, to a daily thing. I think it will help me have a sense of accomplishment each day. Maybe that’s how I will start off my day. Hmmm…..maybe I’m getting lost in that “perfect project” storm.

Short and sweet today!