Update #1 Ravelympics 2010

Well this morning I wove in the tails on my From Norway With Love Hat. I know this didn’t make the first list of Ravelympics projects, but I decided to do this at the last minute. I had lost my other stocking cap I bought at Target years ago and so I had to make a new hat since it is still brutally cold out there.

I found this pattern on Ravelry a few months ago and added it to my favorites. I decided I wante to do something unique and colorful since it is very dreary outside. So just in time for Valentine’s Day, I give you my “From Norway With Love Hat”.

Needles: Size US6 16″ circular, and US6 DPNs when doing the decreases.

Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca, various colors

Start date: Feb 12th, 2010

Finish date: Feb 15th, 2010

From Norway With Love Hat

This hat was worked in Berroco Ultra Alpaca. Of course that is one of my favorite yarns. The hearts are other colors of Ultra Alpaca also. This was my first successful colorwork project. The tips that K.B. at my knitting group gave me worked amazingly well. I even did this whole hat knitting continental style! That was one of my goals earlier this year was to learn contiinental knitting. I can see myself using it in the future for things knit in the round. I’m still not comfortable purling in continental, but I think that will come with time.

The only thing I don’t like about this hat is the ribbed edge. My ribbed edges are never any good. I had to add some elastic to the edge of this hat like I did with the hat I knit for my SIL for Christmas. That is something I really need to work on improving.

This hat has shown me that I can do just about anything if I put my mind to it. I really enjoyed the colorwork technique and I think I will definitely be doing another project in the future!

Keep warm!