New Year…another new project!

It’s definitely been a few days since I’ve updated as I’ve been traveling and spending time with family this past week.

I cast on the Pretty Thing Cowl once again while in the car on the way to Tulsa New Year’s Eve. I figured that wasn’t breaking the 10 in 2010 rules too much as I needed something to do in the car for 8 hours. This second attempt at the cowl is going much smoother than the first. I switched yarns to Classic Elite Inca Alpaca in a light heather grey color. It’s knitting up beautifully. I don’t have a photo to share as I want to save the photo for the completed project. Over the weekend I’ve made it to row 30 of 61 in the pattern. It’s knitting up quite quickly and looking beautiful!

I’ve started one of those things called a “Sock Blanket”. It’s made out of sock yarn scraps, or sock yarn mini-skeins. The mini-skeins are usually not scraps as much as they are a skein of yarn someone has chopped into abotu 20 ‘mini-skeins’ of about 20 yds each or 5 grams. I participated in a mini-skein swap on Ravelry this last month and sent in my 20 skeins and received 20 different ones in return! It is also a great way to find and sample different yarns. There are now a few more things on my shopping list after feeling and working with some of them.

Most of the sock blankets are made with small mitered squares that are knitted and then sewn together afterwards or in an entrelac sort of way. This is a good place to start as this is the person who made this idea of a “Sock Blanket” up!

I’ve opted for using a crocheted version of the blanket squares instead of knitted as I don’t particurally like working with size 2 straights….something about poking my eyes out comes to mind.

Here’s the first square I did last night while watching Mythbusters!

Sock Blanket Square #1

I plan on doing some of these at work for my lunchtime knitting project. This is because last week I discovered lace knitting and lunch table conversation don’t mix well.

I forogt to include my adventure to a new yarn store in this post as well! So here we go. While in Tulsa, OK I visited one of their Local Yarn Shops called Loops. I have to say I really loved this shop! I got a personal tour of the yarn and projects and where stuff was located by one of the lovely ladies working there. I think I stayed in there and browsed for 30-45 minutes. The highlight of the store was their “Project Wall”. On this wall they feature 8-10 projects that change throughout the year. They have the patterns, and yarns all right there, or they have kits made up already! While I was there I bought a cute little kit from PickUpSticks called Coin Purse Cubed. It’s for a felted coin purse, well 3 felted coin purses. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at felting and this will be a great way to do it! I highly recommend this place to anyone traveling to Tulsa, OK!

Happy Knitting!