2009 was the resurrection of my knitting self. I hadn’t knitted in a few years except for the occasional scarf here and there and really nothing ever more complicated than that.  I moved to Omaha in June of 2009 and was looking for ways to find some friends in a new town.  I found the site Meetup.com and found out that there was a good group of knitters that met just up the street from where I was living at the time.  I sucked it up and went one Wednesday in June.  I was quickly accepted and quickly found my nitch.

I don’t honestly remember when I found Ravelry. I think it was sometime in July of 2009.  I’m not sure I can remember what my first project was that I did when I started knitting again. Let me go back and see….

It wasn’t even a knitting project! It was a crochet project! The Starling Handbag!

Completed Starling Handbag

I don’t even know if I still have it. I’m sure it’s tucked away in a box somewhere.  After that the projects kept flying. The group I was knitting with really challenged me to go outside my scarves that I always knit.

First Pair of Socks

I quickly decided I wanted to try socks. Yup, the first pair was a disaster. One was quite a bit bigger than the other, even though the photo doesn’t give it away.

I think then I decided something about wanting to make a wedding shawl for my wedding that was in December of 2009. With the carefuly guidance of a few members of the knitting group I finished that and had it all blocked sometime in November I believe.

I had many projects in 2009. I think one of my favorites was the wedding shawl, followed by the Owl Hat for my sister-in-law’s Christmas present. She loves that hat. I kind of want one for myself but I woudl feel like a copy cat of sorts.

Kristin’s Owl Hat


2010 is turning out a lot of projects too that I’m going to have a hard time deciding what is my favorites. I’ll have a post on those at the end of 2010!


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