Sock #2 Update

This weekend I really wanted to sit down an knit like a madwoman and get my 2nd sock done. That didn’t really happen until Monday. I got to work on it for an hour or so. I managed to get the leg of the sock done and have now started on the heel flap, which will be finished on my lunch break today. I will probably take the dog outside to a park some where and knit on the heel this evening while R is at class.

Once I get this sock done, I want to start on a 2 at a time toe up pair for my friend Chris. I think she’ll love the yarn I am using. It’s a handdyed by a girl in our guild, and is bright green and purple. It reminds me of Halloween. I’m hoping to get them done in time for me to take them to her at the beginning of the month. I need to split up the ball into 2 smaller balls to make it easier to do 2 socks at one time!

Next project on the list is the Adia lace scarf that I haven’t looked at or touched for about 10 days. That needs to get moving along as well. I found the yarn I want to use for my shawl, but I about fainted at the price of $35 a skein. I guess it is silk…. and I’d need 2 I believe for my shawl, if I do that one. I need to find a shawl book.