Sweater for Fall

Sometimes a pattern comes along and screams “KNIT ME NOW!” This pattern is one of those for me. I kept seeing it pop up in my Instagram feed, and on random people’s blogs, etc. I went to a knitting retreat and several folks were either wearing or knitting this very sweater. I present to you, Zweig by Caitlin Hunter.

I spent a month or more literally fantasizing about this sweater. It has been quite some time since I had come across anything that stuck in my head like that.


It happened to be that I found the yarn one day at an LYS here in town. I chose a darker grey for the main color and this golden, buttery, yellow for the contrast on the yoke. It’s just enough colorwork to “keep it interesting” but not too much to be daunting.

Right now in my crafting life having a project that is easy to pick up/put down is paramount to the success of that project.  I’m eager to get this finished for my fall wardrobe. I’m thinking I might need to sew up a new skirt to go with it. Maybe a linen or chambray? We shall see.

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “Sweater for Fall

  1. I love the pairing of grey and yellow, and I particularly like how that grey looks to have a purple tone to it. Very elegant color pairing.

  2. The grellow color scheme will be nice. I personally am a rebel. I may add the popular pattern to my Ravelry favorites but I will knit a pattern I’m in the mood for.

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