Ooh shiney!

A week or so ago I just decided to ignore the WIPs I had and cast on something new. A cardigan pattern had caught my eye and I just knew I had to knit one for Evie. 


I grabbed this yarn out of my stash that I had completely forgotten about. I figured it would be perfect as it is nearing the time when I can no longer make her a 1 skein sweater. It’s purple, super soft, and sparkly! 

The pattern is Playdate by Tincanknits. It is from the Max and Bohdi’s Wardrobe ebook which I picked up shortly after it was released. I just love their patterns.

 It has tiny pockets!! You see why I couldn’t resist this pattern.

It’s going quite well and I am working onnthe part where you split for the front and back. The yarn is wonderful to knit with as well.

I definitely see one of these soon in my size. I am thinking a pretty blue of some sort. 

Until next time…



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