Magic Sleeves

So in my last post I mentioned my Hiro cardigan and my sleeve problem. 


Why are these so short?

Well, I finished off the yoke of the sweater and tried it on again. 

 You are correct if you noticed the sleeves are of a reasonable length. I am not sure exactly what happened, but they fit well. I am guessing that not having the yoke complete made it fit weird.

Either that, or my arms shrank. We’ll go with the former.

So now is the tedious process of picking out buttons. I can never seem to find what I want. Someone needs to open a button store in this town!! (Hear that entrepreneurs!?!)


Here are my selections from Joanns. Black, silver, and purple. I am leaning toward the purple ones. The button band will be solid dark grey so those should pop.  Thoughts?? Other button sources I am forgetting about? 

Until next time….


10 thoughts on “Magic Sleeves

  1. The purple buttons are awesome. That or the black ones if you want it to blend in a bit more.

    But first – that sweater is incredible and the colors you chose are lovely! What is the pattern?

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