Blogging is Harder…

Blogging is harder than I remember it to be. I can’t seem to eek out the time to get a post together like I had been pre-baby. (That is how life is divided now: Pre-baby and post-baby.)

I have a running list of awesome things I want to blog about too! That is unusual for me to plan like that, but the list never magically materializes into a blog post. 

Here’s a quick catch up: 


I am working diligently on my Hiro cardigan and it is going fairly well. I am at the ribbing on the top of the yoke. I did run into a wee bit of a snag and will have to really plan out how to fix it. 


Somehow I mismeasured and the sleeves are a few inches shorter than they should be. 

I cast on a new pair of socks when I was standing in line to caucus ealier in March. I have just turned the heel on ethe first one. It’s Arne & Carlos Regia with contrasting cuff, heel, and eventual toe. This is also my first ever (yes, really) completely stockinette sock. 

 I cast on a new shawl, Banner Day, for a KAL as well. It hasn’t gotten much progress yet, but it soon will as I will be getting to a lace chart portion on my other shawl and it will cease to be my “mindless knitting” at work. 

I don’t have pictures of either of those shawls. That should be remedied. 


There is what I believe to be is a spinning wheel sitting in my upstairs bedroom. 


Lately dinners have become “what can I cook real quick because I didn’t plan this week”. Meals have mostly been the old reliables (pasta, meat on grill, etc.)


A quick update on Miss E. She is now very, very mobile which is why all of the above is coming to a crawl. No more are the days of “here sit here and play while mom knits”. I am pretty much running around preventing her from getting into this and that. 

Hopefully I will get to posting more often than once in a blue moon. 

Until next time…


6 thoughts on “Blogging is Harder…

  1. Once they get mobile, it’s a couple years of making sure they don’t die every second of the day before you get your life back! You’ll get it back. And, there’s some pretty good fun to be had in the “Please don’t die” stage too.

    • That is exactly how I feel. I honestly saw my empty amazon boxes with the packing bubbles and thought maybe I could just wrap her in bubble wrap for a year or so!

  2. Aw, I wanna see the bebe! I can’t believe how much time has passed now. Do you have a slow cooker? That would be easier for you to dump and let it cook on its own. I hear you on post-baby life ‘cuz back in the day w/#2, I couldn’t do anything. I had tried taking an online, teaching course and had to drop it. She would cry if I put her down. How was I gonna type? I don’t think we had the Baby Bjorn yet. Love the sock and the peek of your Hiro.

    • We do have a slow cooker, however I haven’t made a point to use it much. If I didn’t have my baby carriers I don’t think I would ever get things done!

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