In the Queue

Do you know what happens to your Ravelry queue when you have a baby (or a close friend has a baby)? You queue becomes this minefield of baby knits. You must knit all the baby things. Baby booties, baby hats, baby pants, baby bibs, baby sweaters, etc. It gets ridiculous pretty quick. That’s because all baby things are ADORABLE.

My queue and favorites on Ravelry had gotten out of control over the last year. So near the beginning of this year I took some time and really organized those baby items. I now have a bundle for things I want to knit Evie, a tag for things in the queue for her, and I tossed out many a knitted baby thing that I knew I just didn’t have time for. I realized also the knits that I love to dress her in are all of the adorable baby sweaters. 

Here are some of the ones I plan to knit in the coming year for her. I’m looking at doing most of these in the 1-2 year size. So I can really maximize the time she can wear them. All of these links go to Ravelry.

  1. Antler Cardigan by Tincanknits – I love Tincaknits’ knitting patterns. Very well written, very well organized, and comes in baby to adult sizes. This way I can be matchy matchy with my kiddo! This particular pattern will need about 2 skeins of worsted or a little less. I don’t currently have yarn for this in my stash, but I can see this being lovely in a cream or lighter neutral gray color.  
    Photo taken from Ravelry
  2. Flax by Tincanknits – (You might start seeing a TCK theme here.) This is a pullover. I have seen many knitted up on Ravelry in a striped pattern which I love! I think it will be a very versitale, everyday wear, type of knit. I had a rather cute pullover knit by a dear friend, but Evie has gotten too big for it. It was great if she just needed another layer in the cold winter temps.  
    Photo taken from Ravelry
  3. Welcome to the Flock by Julia Farwell-Clay – I knew my kiddo would have this sweater the moment I saw it on Ravelry. Heck, I want this sweater too! It’s super adorable, but I just haven’t found the yarn for it yet. This one might be one I make in the larger size so she can wear it a lot longer.  
    Photo taken from Ravelry
  4. Prarie Fire by Tincanknits – I had previously knit her a newborn size of this sweater. It was a favorite of ours up until this last month. At which point it became a crop top on her. Not cool. So this will be getting a revisit in a larger size.  
    Photo taken from Ravelry
  5. Playdate by Tincanknits – Yup, another TCK pattern. They just do good patterns and I can’t help it. This is an adorable cardigan. I don’t have a yarn in mind for it yet. It is fingering weight. I’m thinking maybe at one of my yarny events I plan to attend this year, I will pick up some yarn for it.  
    Photo taken from Ravelry

These are really the Top 5 sweaters I plan to knit. Not going to say I won’t do something else entirely. Every day it seems there are more cute baby sweaters put up on Ravelry. I do have a couple non-sweater knits planned out (those knitted monster pants are one!) And she will of course have plenty of hats to keep her little head warm. 

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “In the Queue

  1. What memory, story starters these knits will be. The sheep set is so cute. I can personally attest how great Tin Can Knits patterns are. I knitted two Flaxes this past Christmas.

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