Adventures in Sewing

Since it is nearing summer, and I am ever growing, I needed some new clothes for warmer days. I kept seeing lovely maxi style skirts in the store, but just couldn’t bring myself to spend $30-40 on one. It seems maternity wear just doesn’t go on sale….ever. Unless it is the completely wrong season (found many a bulky sweater on sale!)

I was poking around on Pinterest (black hole of a site) and found a couple DIY tutorials on how to make your own maxi skirt. The advertised DIY seemed pretty straightforward, only required 1.5 yards of fabric, and took about an hour to make. (Too good to be true I know!)

Anyways, I printed it off and set off to Jo-Anns for some jersey knit fabric. 


Supplies Gathered
I picked up 2 different colors of fabric. A solid black and a pretty stripey one. I figured I could make 2 skirts. The black was for practicing because if it went bad, that fabric only cost me $10. The other was $16. I had dug out the sewing machine and dusted it off (it hadn’t seen sunlight in a year or more).


In the middle of pinning
 Soon I was off pinning, cutting, sewing and cursing. Seems said tutorial left out a few details here and there. They really didn’t have good instructions for idiots beginners like me in there. Realized at some point I should have done things with the wrong sides out and the right sides in. So I had to separate and repin the whole body of the skirt. Jersey knit fabric is really slippery and stretchy and doesn’t want to cooperate much. But I managed.
Finished skirt
Not bad for a first take really. I tried it on. Discovered the waist was too big, and the darn thing was see through! I wasn’t really going for that kind of look so I tossed it begrudginly to the side while shouting some select words. 

A few days later I decided maybe I should go back and get more fabric and just line the thing. I had worked out in my head in the wee hours of the morning how to make the waist band fit better, and a few other modifications  I felt it needed based on the arbitrary measurements the original DIY pattern suggested. 

I found myself at Jo-Anns yet again that week (it’s not a real crafting project till you’ve been there at least 2 times in a week is it?)
I decided when I would line it to go ahead and make it reversible. Why not? I’d get 2 skirts in one and it wouldn’t be that much harder.


Finished skirt take #2
So after spending some serious time with the seam ripper, and cutting the new fabric out, I sewed everything together and voila! A reversible skirt that really fit well. The double layer creates a really comfy skirt too. I could live in this thing!

I’m glad I challenged myself with this project. And it definitely took longer than the 1 hour mentioned in the tutorial. I think total with mistakes about 4-5 hours. The next wil probably take half that becuase I won’t be spending forever ripping out (knock on wood!) and I have my mods already made so I won’t be creating them on the fly. 


Modifications being made
 I will have to go back and get some more lining fabric for the 2nd skirt. Not sure if I will make it reversible or not. I’m definitely pleased with the results and I know that once baby gets here, I can take them in a bit on the sides and they should work fine then too! 

Until next time…



2 thoughts on “Adventures in Sewing

  1. Maxi skirt seems like an excellent idea for summer maternity wear. If your ankles are a little swollen, no one will ever know.

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