Rock Island Shawl

A couple weeks ago I decided to revive the Rock Island Shawl I cast on last year around April or May when I had the urge to knit some complicated lace. As usual something more interesting came along and the shawl got put aside. After discovering it while organizing WIPs I decided this would make a great project to work on this spring.

Rock Island Shawl Border

When I got it out it appeared that I had stopped about 30 repeats into a 71 repeat lace edging. See, this shawl is knit from the edging and then you decrease to make the triangle. But you have to knit the border first and pick up along that border.

So I started shooting for doing about 5 repeats of the lace pattern each time I sat down to work on it. In about 2 weeks I had the whole border done. 

I’m now past picking up the stitches along the border and into the body of the shawl. I’m just about to start the Rock Island Lace motif that makes up a nice chunk of this project. 


I’m really loving this project. I expect it will be a fairly long term knit for me, but for now I’m enjoying the progress being made.

The yarn is Malabrigo Silkpaca Lace, which is a dream to knit with. Super shiny, super soft, and very airy. 

Until next time…


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