What’s Cooking: Fish Tacos

Lately Ryan and I have been enjoying watching Good Eats on Netflix. It has definitely challeneged us to try some new recipes for dinner here lately. One of the recent ones we did were Alton Brown’s Fish Tacos

Now we chose to not make our own tortillas. I figured the rest of the recipe offered enough challenge for one evening without tossing that in the mix, however I do think I will try it out in the future.

Fish being tossed in the marinade

I was slightly concerned at the amount of cilantro in this recipe as it is an herb/flavor I pretty much loathe. I will say that the end result was well above my expectations. I think the other flavors mixed well and let the cilantro not be center of attention.

We made the crema like the recipe called for, but I am fairly certain we put a few more chipotle peppers into it than Alton suggested. (We like our peppers!) I have to say it was a delightful garnish to the tacos.

Finished taco before I inhaled it

These are definitely on the menu again at our house. In fact, I’m fairly certain we will be having them this week!

I have been enjoying cooking some new things in our house, and all in all most of the things have been relatively easy to whip up.

Stay tuned for more food blog posts from me.


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