Washcloths and the Weekend Update

I have been knitting, trust me, but the problem is much of what I have been knitting on has been gift knitting and those folks read this on occasion. I myself don’t like surprises, but I’d like to keep it that way for others.  Soon I will post about the baby blanket and the socks that have come off the needles, but not quite yet.

First up I want to talk about washcloths. I like knitting them here and there. Usually when I am having issues on another project and need the mental pallette cleanser. But lately, my excitement over washcloths has been driven by a good friend of mine taking up knitting recently. She was sending me pictures of her washcloths. I had suggested them to be good beginner projects as even if it turns out looking terrible, you still have a useable object. 

I picked up some fun colors of dishcloth cotton because what I had in the stash just wasn’t doing it for me. Definitely not short on the dishcloth cotton in the stash. 

I figure these will make great two color washcloths that will brighten up the bathroom. I did finish up one I had lingering on the needles as well.

I love the ball band dishcloths for using up yarn and their texture. 

This weekend I also rounded up all the knitting projects/bags/etc from the front room. They have a habit of getting scattered here and there. I needed to put leftovers away as well as organize the needles again. It also helps me keep track of what projects I have on the needles.

Once we got a lot of the housework taken care of, it was time to get out and enjoy the burst of spring that has arrived. We took Clapton up to Cunningham Lake and walked around for a bit. He wanted to enjoy the last bit of ice on the lake (no worries, it was still plenty thick!) and I snapped this photo of him and Ryan. It was simply lovely outside.

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “Washcloths and the Weekend Update

  1. I was going through my stash the other day and realized that I have a bunch of kitchen cotton. It’s mostly all the same peachy color, but I am excited because it means I can keep Bug knitting from my kitchen cotton stash for quite awhile yet! My main stash remains safe.

  2. I need to make some kitchen washcloths. I see patterns for them all the time but don’t bother b/c I know in my library I have an old pamphlet of dishcloth patterns that I had tried to teach myself to knit with long ago before I had taken a class. I like the fun colorways you chose. They certainly are eye catchy.

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