Knitting Break

Since I have been knitting a baby blankets for what seems since last September, it was time to take a tiny break. I am still working on #3 and have #4 planned out in my head.

It was really time for some knitting for myself!

That scarf I frogged a week or so ago has indeed become the Great Divide shawl. It’s getting worked on here and there and was living at work for awhile too.

The texture on this shawl is quite delightful. It will take awhile to finish but it is good “mindless” knitting.

However, because I have knitting ADD, I cast on another tiny project. A baby sweater in fact. I have been hoarding this yarn for a perfect pattern or something special and this has turned out to be the project for it.

It is the Baby Vertebrae pattern in the 3-6 month size. The yarn is more Sun Valley Fibers on the MCN base. The colorway is called Boundary Waters. Gorgeous in how it is knitting up and feels so wonderful on the hands. Heck, I want a sweater for myself out of MCN!

Progress is quick on this because it is so small. It has replaced the shawl as my work knitting for the most part.

Until next time….

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