So in the effort to crack down on the languishing projects around, I have decided it was time to part ways with one.


This pattern and yarn was a gift from two really awesome people in my life at a time when I really needed it. I cast on the project here over the holidays as a “mindless knit” however, this is just not that. The pattern is well written like all Martina Behm patterns but I have to keep reading it to know my place. It is fiddly with the crochet part and I am just not loving it.

It is supposed to be a project I will love and remember my beloved Rocco with, but if I despise knitting it, I feel that is not the correct goal.

I have decided to frog it and cast on something new and fun that I will love knitting and be able to remember his spirit with.

Haven’t entirely settled on a pattern yet but I am leaning towards The Great Divide shawl as I think it will play wonderfully with the variegated yarn.

Until next time….


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