WIP Roundup

The first step is admitting you have a problem, or so they say.

I have a decent amount of WIPs to deal with this month along with several projects on the needles, or soon to be, for others.

First up is baby blanket #2. I have quite a few friends expecting or recently had their first baby and so they get blankets. Usually this isn’t a bad gig, but since all have come or are coming within weeks/months of one another it causes a backlog of blanket knitting.

I have baby blanket #3 about to hop on the needles. Not sure this will be done by the time the shower happens in early Feb but I am gonna make a stab at it!

I have yarn purchased for a new scarf for Ryan. One that doesn’t curl on the edges per his request. At this rate he may get it mid-summer like his last one!


I still have the socks for my mother-in-law on the needles, but I am to the leg of the 2nd so about 4″ of knitting left to go!


For me there are a couple projects laying about.

One is a lace scarf from 2013 that has been such a great match of yarn and pattern I almost don’t want it to end, but really we are coming up on the 2 year mark. I think it’s time.


I have the first curl of the year, Cassious on the needles too. This may end up being a gift but I am not sure.


One more project I discovered in the WIP basket is my Endless Rainbow scarf. It’s not as mindless as some of Martina Behm’s other patterns, so it actually takes a bit if concentration. It will probably remain on the back burner for awhile.


And a new project I am not quite ready to talk about. It has been cast on and will be pretty neat when done.

Looks like the WIPs are stacking up!

Until next time….


One thought on “WIP Roundup

  1. Wow. I personally cannot have that many WIPs around. It’d make me anxious. I like the zig zaggety texture of your mum’s socks. Baby blankets are a terrific gift and I think one of the most useful.

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