And here’s a long lost blog post…

Nope, I haven’t died or fallen off a cliff! More or less I just got busy. It was nice to take a break and just sit back and not blog.

There has been knitting. Plenty of it really. Here’s a sampling…





There is more to that I am sure, but why dwell on the past.

Lately I have been knitting baby blankets for friends. One is finished and the next has been started. I will have one more after that.

I cast on a worsted weight shawl this last week so I could have something cozy to wrap up in. It is called Elder Tree and it is free on Ravelry.


Loving this color of Malabrigo Rios and how easy the pattern is. Hope to have it finished for Thanksgiving.

Hope everyone is enjoying the winter weather. I love that it allows me to layer up the hand knits!

Until next time …. (hopefully sooner than 4 months!)



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