Another Knitting Virus

While at the ZK2014 retreat there was one sweater that was prevalent everywhere. You would turn and see it. Someone else would walk by wearing it.  Soon all you could think about was this sweater.  I had to have it. Hands down. I once referred to it as knitting STD while at retreat. Others were the same way. They saw it, felt it, and wanted it.


It’s called Hitofude. It’s knit in a very interesting manner. I think if you read the Ravelry description you can see how that’s done. I decided at retreat to purchase yarn for it there. There were quite a few dyers that had yarn suitable, but as soon as I saw Jeanette’s of Sun Valley Fibers‘ in her merino/cashmere/silk (MCS) base I knew what I would be knitting mine out of.

It’s super luscious and drapey and Jeanette’s colors are amazing and out of this world gorgeous. I chose the Waterfalls color.


That swatch shows the gorgeousness of the colors. I’m quite aways into the sleeves. Not quite halfway, but close. It’s a joy to knit and the pattern is easily memorizable.

First repeat done
First repeat done

As you can tell I am rather excited for this project. I’m doing an impromptu knit along with Stacieknits from retreat because we bought the exact same yarn and color for our sweaters! We will be FO twins!

Until next time…




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