Intense. Fun. Enthusiastic. Wooly. Spinning. Exhilarating. People everywhere.

Some words to describe how my time at the Zombie Knitpocalypse Retreat was this year. I met so many genuinely wonderful people and I felt I have added to my “inner circle” of friends as well.


This is Ann. Ann taught a class on spinning long draw from the fold. I learned (and most likely have forgotten by now) the difference between woolen and worsted fiber prep, supported and non-supported long draw, and many other fun things. I did however, finally feel that I am ready to start spinning my alpaca fleece later this summer. I now have the necessary skills.


This is Fiona and Karl the Koala. They both travelled from Australia to hang out at the retreat and sell Fiona’s yarn. Solar Flair Fibres on Etsy. Give her a look.


This is ExplodingPinecone on Ravelry. We participated in the 5K and did quite a bit of spinning together. Amazing person. (Yes the photo
is upside down but I can’t fix it from
the phone app. I will fix it when I get home.)

The 5K was excellent and I got 2nd place! It was a prediction run so you put in a time a week before and see how close you get! I came in at 35:45 and had predicted 36 minutes flat. Rather impressed with myself and I hope I can continue to improve on that time.


I witnessed the birth of an FO! Handspun socks made by Baconfairy! Gorgeous and squishy (socks were squishy and she was gorgeous). This was another amazing person that I hope to see more of in the future.


Besides new friends, there were also old friends. The person on the left is my pal Lane. She and I met last summer at this retreat and became rather good friends over the last year. We had some more good times this year as well! And I am somewhat sad we didn’t get to use that crockpot.

Javajennie is on the right. She was a delightful person to get to know and has a wicked sense of humor. Many a fun time had with her around. I hope to see her again! #jennieisawesome


Annette here had one heck of a journey on the way to retreat, but she made it! I had a great time with her as always and we just picked up where we had left off texting.

Many other friends I caught up with and I made some new ones. Unfortunately I was terrible at taking photos so you really don’t have many to look at. I did meet a fellow blog reader/writer! Hello there CaiteyRosey!! She was a doll and I loved her espinner!

I won some awesome yarn and got some awesome things in my goodie bag, but those don’t mean as much to me as the memories I made with friends. (I will blog about the “things” as I use them up.)

I can’t wait for ZK2015! #friendsforever

Until next time…

3 thoughts on “#ZK2014

  1. #hashtagsforever!
    So glad we had a chance to get to know each other this year! I’ll bootleg for you anytime!

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