A very busy weekend

This weekend was simply chocked full of activity. The main one being my motorcycle safety course. I had sogned up back in April and didn’t tell many folks about it. The reasoning was I didn’t want to get grilled about why, or how irresponsible it is, or how it is certain death, etc. That kind of talk, while I know people are trying to express concern, doesn’t help when wanting to learn something new.

Truthfully riding a motorcycle had been on my “bucket list”
of sorts for a long time. I don’t know many female riders and I didn’t know where to start.

Luckily for me, I have a wonderful husband who likes to encourage me to try things. He had done the safety course a couple years ago and had been riding since then. He does so safely and it really helped me see that maybe I could too.

I signed up through the Nebraska Safety Council. They have an option for a women’s only class led by female instructors! I found that to be amazing. All the ladies in my class were lovely and doing it for similar reasons. Most were like me and had significant others that wanted them to ride.

Our teachers were phenomenal. Understanding and very knowledgeable. I never felt like they were pushing me beyond my skill level. Happy to say everyone, including me, passed their tests!


For now I will be putting around parking lots on Ryan’s bike just to get more comfortable, but I am definitely excited for this new adventure.

In addition to the class, we saw Lindsey Stirling (youtube her!) in concert at the Sumtur Amphitheater! It was an amazing show with amazing weather! Great way to spend and evening!



Until next time!

4 thoughts on “A very busy weekend

  1. A women’s only class huh? They didn’t have that back when I took it! That’s really nice. I was one of two women in my class who completed the course, the rest dropped out. However, I’d already been riding for a good long while in PA so I pretty much was doing it to get my license without taking a formal test. It was fun, I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to learn.

    • Yep! It is something they have had a couple years now I think. It was a really good learning environment. I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to learn.

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