Technique and Texture

Forgoing my usual weekend recap for Monday, I want to write a bit here about the spinning that has been happening lately. At the end of April I took a class locally through my knitting guild that was about different spinning techniques. One in particular was long draw or woolen spinning. This is where you let the spin travel down into the fiber and usually nets a bit loftier single. (I may be explaining this wrong, but this is how it made sense in my head!)

In an effort to try this technique out some more, I acquired some punis from Etsy. I know the seller from Ravelry and the Harry Potter House Cup that I used to participate in. She has some great ones out there if you are interested.

Punis from Natruallyknitty on Etsy

I picked out some that had merino, cormo neps, alpaca, bamboo, silk, SW BFL, and falkland. They are called Dragonhide. I absolutely love the look of these punis! I think I had 8 total and 2.3oz to start.

Practicing the long draw.
Practicing the long draw.

I have really been loving the long draw technique. For me, it’s difficult because I have to be less controlled in my spinning. I have trouble with not touching the single too much and smoothing it out. For me this has been challenging because I absolutely love smoother yarn. So the neps in these have added some interesting texture to the spinning.

Look at that texture!
Look at that texture!

I am done now with the first half of the punis and absolutely LOVE the texture these are creating. I’m not usually a fan of art style yarn, but this I’m loving. I love the random pops of colors in the grayish background. Each puni is different as well. It’s like a mystery when you start spinning as to what that particular one is going to come out looking like.

I’m well into the 2nd half of the punis and plan a 2 ply of these singles. I am eager to see the end result of this spinning.

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One thought on “Technique and Texture

  1. Nice job. I’ve been spinning almost exclusively long draw for the past few years. You’ll find, with practice, you can get the even single you are looking for, if the prep is right.

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