Adventures in Cooking – Purple Potatoes

In an effort to spice up the cooking in our household lately, we purchased some purple potatoes at the grocery. They were just intriguing. We had eaten some at a fancy restaurant a few years ago and they were very memorable.

Outside and Inside are all purple!

I cut them up and boiled them like I do with most potatoes. I noticed that the water was looking “weird”. Lo’ and behold, the water was GREEN! It reminded me of a witches brew.

Green water

I then tossed them in the oven and let them roast for a bit. We served them up with our chicken and asparagus for dinner which made a really colorful plate.

Colorful dinner

For the curious, the potatoes tasted just like regular ones, but had a little bit smoother texture. They were a bit expensive to buy all the time, but I could see a small amount tossed with some regular ones for a bit of a surprise.

Until next time…


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