Weekend Recap

I cast on a new project. Rock Island by Jared Flood. Gorgeous lace shawl.


Watched baby squirrels in the park.


Bought Simpsons Legos Minifigs! I had to have Marge Simpson.


Picked up my first comics at Free Comic Book Day at Legends Comics. loving the stories in the Anthology collection and need to find more! The artwork on it is what sucked me in!


Took a beautiful bike ride on a trail new to me! Ended up at Lake Manawa!


I bought a few basil plants this weekend. I made some delicious strawberry basil popsicles!


Until next time…

One thought on “Weekend Recap

  1. Your header is terrific 👍! I used to live reading Archie too. It’s a timeless classic. You go on knitting lace yarn and that intricate pattern.

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