Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was a few weeks ago if you didn’t know (yeah, I’m a bit late to this party!). We make the trek to Wichita, KS to spend the weekend with my husband’s family. It was a great time. Delicious food, birthday cake, and plenty of other fun things.

Ryan and I

One thing I love about the treks to Wichita, is the amount of “car knitting” that happens. I usually have a couple projects with me and this weekend was no exception.

This is the Monster Cowl that has been popping up on everyone’s Instagram Feeds lately (okay, lately means 3 months ago, again late to this party!)  This one is a gift for a friend, and knit out of Bernat Mosaic. You may remember this from the Noro Striped Scarves I knit the last couple winters. This yarn just stripes beautifully and creates an awesome effect. I’m using 2 different balls, in 2 different colorways.

Monster Cowl – Really freakin’ awesome looking

The other project I worked on in the car, was my 716knits Monkey socks. I’m loving the stripes on these. In fact, I am already to putting in the afterthought heels on these. This was a lesson in gauge if you check out the photo below. Yup my heels will be in 2 slightly different places making the stripes on the foot not quite twins.  This is what happens when you knit a couple repeats of the leg slightly looser than the other sock. You can see that in the photo too.

716knits No Purl Monkeys

You live and learn right? It’s not a big enough difference for me to rip back. I was close to the end of that 2nd sock! A good knitter would have ripped back I think. Oh well if you are close enough to judge the socks on my feet for matching gauge you are sure to get a foot to the face.

Until next time….


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