FO Parade


I am happy to say that the test was this past Friday and I believe it went well. I, however, won’t find out the results until early June. For those of you not familiar, I took my Professional Engineering (PE) license exam last Friday. It’s a rather long test that I had been studying for since February.  It is one reason the blog hasn’t been updated in a while, and posts were sporadic at best over the last few months.  Now that is behind me, I can get back to things like knitting!

I didn’t completely stop crafting while I was studying the last few months. In fact, knitting was a good mental break for me most times. Here are a few of the projects finished recently. There are a few more, but they are surprises and so they will not be discussed until later on.

Jane by Jane Richmond - Knit out of Handspun
Jane by Jane Richmond – Knit out of Handspun

This is a hat I knit up for a dear friend’s birthday. Made with some handspun I spun last year.  This is Jane by Jane Richmond. It is a fave hat of mine and works with almost any yarn.

I also knit up a couple gift things for my mom. She had pinned some Swiffer covers knit out of cotton on Pinterest and as I’ve been going through my cotton stash, I decided to knit her up a few.

Swiffer Cover #1
Swiffer Cover #1
Swiffer Cover #2
Swiffer Cover #2

In addition to the swiffer covers, I added another dishcloth or two to the bin. Those ended up going to my mom too! Gotta knit up quite a few more for quick gifts.

So far that is the completed knitting. I still have a few projects on the needles that I’m hoping to finish up shortly.

Until next time… (I promise it won’t be too long!)






4 thoughts on “FO Parade

  1. You know, I have a swiffer and I haven’t used it in years. However, the other day I was trying to remove cobwebs from the ceiling corners on my very tall ceilings, with a broom, that was wet. Which meant I ended up with more dirt than was there prior to the cobweb removal. Your swiffer covers now give me the idea that knitting some, and using them for cobweb destruction, might be a good idea.

  2. The handspun is Minecraft, Robin Hood, and snake all in one. Very cool! The cables worked well with that variegation. I always am amazed at what can be knitted. Swiffer covers. Who would have thought.

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