Weekend Recap

This weekend was a good one. There was a fair amount of knitting and a fair amount of studying and some bike riding tossed in.

I’ve been working on a design for a bit. It is a present for someone and I just couldn’t find what I wanted on Ravelry. I found a few suitable patterns, but in the end I would have been modifying them so much that it was easier to just write my own.

A knitted blob
A knitted blob

Besides knitting on the design, I make some excellent progress on my stripey socks. Since moving on from the heel, the foot and toe went by super quick. In fact, I was loving knitting on it so much that I knit right past where I should have started the toe.

That orange stitch marker is where I should have began the toe.
That orange stitch marker is where I should have began the toe.

So of course I ripped back. I now have a sock with a finished toe. The afterthought heel will be put on after I finish the 2nd sock.

We have a toe!
We have a toe!

Sunday came around and was 70 degrees! However with that 70 degrees came a pretty steady wind at 25mph! I still wanted to get a ride in and so I routed myself so that the majority of my ride would be with the wind and not against it. I tried a new route from the trail near my house, south and to the Keystone Trail. It was a good ride, however I will say I don’t like riding in traffic. I had to ride about 2 miles on surface streets. I got flipped off at least twice and heard a few more obscenities shouted my way. I’m not sure I will ride that way again by myself. I hit up the Keystone and rode it north to the end. I turned around and rode about halfway back and had someone come get me. I just about hit 20 miles for the day which was great. I don’t ride by myself very often, but it was very enjoyable. I needed away from people and I didn’t feel like I was slowing anyone else down. Quite nice.

So that was the weekend. This week will be filed with more studying as there is 12 days until the test. I’m feeling okay about it, but definitely need to do some more practice problems.

Until next time…







One thought on “Weekend Recap

  1. Oh wow. What a ride for you. Here in SF it’s common to have bikers sharing the road.
    Smiled at how you were happily knitting along and bypassed the toe. You were in the zone. Can’t wait to see more of your design.

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