Weekend Recap

I’ve not fallen dead, or ill, or missing. I’ve just been so busy that writing here has taken a back seat.

20140310-053829.jpgSaturday started off with the usual trip to the coffee shop for an hour or so where I knit and Ryan studied. On the needles there is a Brickless for a friend. (Since I’m attempting to keep it a surprise, and doing a bad job of it, I won’t say anything else about it!)

Sunday brought us 70 degree weather and plenty of sunshine. In the spirit of enjoying this lovely weather, some friends and I took the bikes out for a spin. It’s been a long cold winter with not enough nice days for it.

We decided to do the North Riverfront Trail here in Omaha. It starts at NP Dodge Park and heads south until you get towards north downtown. It snakes around a bit and ends up back by the river.  We rode past Carter Lake which is thawing out (though there was one brave ice fisherman still out there.)

Panoramic shot of Carter Lake.

The ride took a break at Ted & Wally’s ice cream shop in Old Market. Halfway was 10.5 miles and that first 10.5 miles was in a total headwind. It took us about 1 hour 15 minutes to go the 10.5 miles due to the wind.

The Ted & Wally’s made riding into the wind worth it!

The ride back only took us 45 min if you want some perspective on the wind. I really got use to my new shoes and pedals on this ride. I still need to do a little bit of adjustment to the cleats to get them just right, but I’m loving them. Hills were a smidge easier than they were a few months ago.

Following the ride, we cleaned up and headed over to some friends’ house and helped them bottle up the beer that we helped “cook” a few months ago.

IMG_2746I learned how to wash bottles, and then fill them.

The delicious brew.

Ryan was the capper and got to cap all the bottles! He did a great job. Now we just wait a few weeks for it to carbonate!


It was a great way to spend the weekend. Friends, riding, and a new adventure bottling home brew beer. Hoping for more days like this!

Until next time…




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