Weekend Update

It has been awhile since I did a weekend update. Saturday kicked off with the usual trip to the coffee shop.  I decided since it wasn’t sub-zero out to take the wheel. I haven’t spun much in the last month if at all and I just felt like. Sometimes ya just gotta roll with it.

On the wheel is 40z of Polwarth fiber. I’m not enjoying it really. I don’t know if it is the muted colors or the fiber itself. It’s rather sticky and I’m not finding it to slide as smoothly as other fibers I have worked with. It could also be going from slippery alpaca to polwarth. I’ll revisit my opinion as I get farther into the fiber.

Saturday morning spinning!

We grilled up one of my favorite foods this weekend along with some burgers. Nothing beats grilled pineapples.

mmmmm grilled pineapple

I did spend quite a bit of time watching the Olympics finish up this weekend. I felt it was a good time to cast on a semi-surprise project. It’s a Brickless by Martina Behm. Yarn is a surprise. Loving how it is is knitting up! Very potato chip like.

Brickless by Martina Behm

I haven’t posted about this on the blog yet, but my husband and I (and a few others on Instagram) have taken up doing this 30 Day Ab Challenge. I found the little graphic on Pinterest a few weeks ago. We’ve done very good doing the specified workout each morning. We skipped Saturday morning, but jumped right back in Sunday. I can definitely feel my abs are getting stronger.

Ab Challenge

Along with the Brickless, another new project hit the needles. I’ve been contemplating doing a different scrap blanket than the one I was doing. Part of me says it is silly to change part way in, but the other just wasn’t working for me. I am going to do some log cabin squares and then seam them together. Here is a shot of the first one (well, part of the first one!)

Log cabin scrap blanket

All of this made for a good weekend. There was a great deal of procrastination in the homework area, and I’m gonna pay for that this week. Nothing beats watching the Olympics, and playing games with friends though.

Until next time…


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