10 days!?!


Wow, 10 days since my las post. What is with that?? Life got busy. I kept thinking, “I should write a post…” and it just never happened. A new schedule with work, class, and life has me getting in a routine. That usually takes me a bit of time to settle into a solid routine.

The sock bug has struck. I put down the scarf and decided to start working on my two pairs of socks that are on the needles. The first pair now has a completed sock! The 2nd one still needs to be cast on, but I think that will happen today.

Pattern: Harvest Dew
Yarn: Dancing Dog Dyeworks in the Stockinette Zombies color

Somewhere in the last 10 days it got up to 45 and I decided the time was right to try out those pedals and shoes I got a few weeks ago. It wasn’t bad, and I definitely fell over. Just once though. That was enough. However, the weather has gone back to winter and the bike is put away again. Hoping the weatherman is correct about the 50 degree weather later today and tomorrow.

Post ride. It was only 3.5 miles.

After the Harvest Dew sock was off the needles, instead of casting on the 2nd sock right away (yes, I’m tempting second sock syndrome) I picked up my Mind the Gap socks. I hadn’t quite gotten to the heel on the 2nd sock yet, and spent the week and weekend finishing those up. Lots of Olympics were watched during the making of these!

Pattern: Ribbed with the OMG heel
Yarn: Trailing Clouds in the Mind the Gap colorway

These are cheerful I can’t just put one photo of them in here. I can’t wait to wear them this week! I actually have enough sock yarn left over that I think I can make a pair of shorties (with some contrasting toe/heel yarn) for biking! I have found I love my wool socks for biking and hiking and have decided to start making some short socks too.

Fraternal twins.

I’ve cast on the next pair of socks too! That will be talked about later this week.

Until next time…


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