I haven’t done much updating this year about my biking. We’ve had a few nice days that have allowed some of us to put some miles on the bikes, but winter, is well winter. Cold, windy, and not pleasant for me to be outside.  (Though I will give out some mad props to Shells, who is a hardcore winter rider!) Of course this also means an excellent time of year to purchase gear and things like that on sale.  Here is my latest:


I decided to get shoes and pedals. I believe it is called a clipless system. Which makes NO sense because you actually clip the shoes to the pedals and have to unclip them when you stop. (Who is in charge of naming these things?!?!)

This is a right of passage for cyclists apparently. You will fall over the first couple of times you try to stop and unclip your feet while out riding. A friend of mine has agreed to help me install the pedals and get the cleats all set up right on my shoes.  Along with this comes putting the bike on the trainer and practicing clipping and unclipping. Hopefully this will mitigate me falling over, but we’ll see.

A year ago I wouldn’t have imagined myself buying shoes and pedals for a bike. Really, I didn’t see myself riding a bike PERIOD. Amazing what can happen in a few short months with supportive friends and some motivation.

I’m really eager to get out and try these out, and of course they were delivered to my house on the eve of the first ‘real’ snowstorm we are expected to have here in Omaha. Go figure. Send thoughts of warmer temps and sunshine so I can play with my new ‘toy’!

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Pedaling

  1. You will fall in them. I think I fell twice. The thing is, you’ll fall when you are completely stopped, so it really doesn’t hurt. It isn’t like falling when going 15 mph.

    Toe clips are the pedal cages that you put your normal shoe into on a bike pedal. Thus, clipless system refers to not using those toe cages. But I agree, it’s a bit confusing to someone new to the scene.

    Let me know if you end up having any trouble with foot or toe numbness. Changing the position of your cleats will change the pressure points on your foot if you end up doing longer rides. There’s quite a bit you can adjust once you get used to them and figure out what your specific needs and issues are.

    And have I mentioned how much you are going to love them? You will. You’ll be amazed at the difference they’ll make when you think about pedaling in circles rather than just mashing down on the pedals while riding.

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