Mitten Update

Well I have to say these mittens haven’t been going as smoothly as I would have hoped. I have ripped back the first one twice. Not the entire thing but a good deal of the main body. Just in a hurry and not paying attention.


I finished the first one finally but dislike it. The thumb is HUGE circumference-wise. I also wasn’t super excited about how the colors turned out. I was really wanting the purple to be the “main” color, but the blue is stealing the show.

So I cast on the second mitten. I changed the colors around and altered the thumb section. This time it is going much more smoothly!


I am actually to the decreases on the 2nd mitten. I hope to finish it tonight and rip out the first and redo it. Only disappointment is that they will not be done for the current subzero temps but I will be done in time for the next!

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Mitten Update

  1. The first mitt looks real warm. It’ll be interesting to see how the switch looks. I like the idea of having opposite colored mitts. It’ll be a cute pair for you.

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