Frozen fingers call for…. MITTENS!

The recent dip in temps again have called for some emergency knitting of sorts. Yesterday morning I cast on a pair of Hiro Mittens. I’d been eyeing these colorwork mittens for a while, and decided now was the time. My fingers were freezing cold!

Hiro mittens

I have quite the selection of Berroco Ultra Alpaca scraps in the stash. I pulled out an entire ball of purple, a mostal of the blue and some grey. I felt these colors really popped and are perfect for this dreary weather.

Warm fingers are getting closer!

After some false starts and issues reading the pattern last night I’m cruising along. I’m actually much father along than this photo.  I decided to turn these into convertible mittens because I like being able to use my fingers for things like messing with keys, phones, and knobs in the car. Then when I prefer toasty appendages, I can just cover them up again!

Soon I will have warm fingers!

Until next time…


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