Weekend Recap


This weekend was a productive one on many levels. Friday started off with some homemade stir fry and pina coladas.

Homemade stir-fry and pina coladas

Saturday we spent a fair amount of time working on the bathroom. This included finishing the sanding on the drywall and then heading to Home Depot. We needed to pick up primer and  I wanted to get a start on our paint swatches. I plan to cut them apart and hand up the different shades around the bathroom on the primed walls to see how the light plays with each one while we are working on some other items in the bathroom.


50 Shades of Grey

Despite wanting to get to putting primer on the bathroom walls on Saturday, that didn’t happen until Sunday morning. Everything got taped off and covered with drop cloths.

Taped off and ready to go

Adding the primer really didn’t take too long. An hour or so. I was doing all the cutting in and edging and Ryan was using the rolller. Great team work!

The walls are all one shade!

After painting we took advantage of a 60 degree day in January. We gathered some friends and headed out on a bike ride. We ended up doing part of a trail that we had not done before. For those in Omaha, We did the Keystone from 25th Street in Bellevue all the way to Q street and back. It wasn’t a long ride. Only 15 miles when all said and done, but we had a couple new people and one was on a commuter bike. It was a leisurely and just what I needed on a weekend.

Myself after our lovely bike ride.

Post bike ride we spend the afternoon and early evening hours playing games with the folks we rode bikes with. It was a ton of fun and we learned a new one, Rise of Augustus. It’s going to go in my list of games to buy!

Rise of Augustus

I hope your weekend was as productive and fun-filled as mine.

Until next time…


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