It so happens that the beginning of the year renewed my desire to spin. Maybe it was all the spinning photos cropping up on Facebook and Instagram. Who knows, but in any case it made me want to spend some quality time with Ella, my wheel.

I decided to first finish up the 100% alpaca roving from a local alpaca farm that  picked up at an open house they had this fall.



This started off as 2 oz of what felt like a cloud. When I finished I had just shy of 200 yards of a 2-ply in a laceweight – light fingering weight. It’s super soft and I have no idea what to make with it.

So now that the wheel is open, it’s time to put something new on it. From the stash I pulled this lovely braid of Polwarth that I purchased at the Stockinette Zombies Retreat last june. It’s from the First Draft shop on Etsy. She does wonderful colorways. This is called Earth and Sky.




The plans for this I believe is to spin one giant long single. I’ve been wanting to try to spin a single and full it to set the twist. I’m rather excited because this is a fiber I have never spun before either. I think tonight I will sit down and get the prep done to this braid so I can start spinning.

Until next time…



3 thoughts on “Spinning

    • I have 6 oz in the same shade of cria roving that is calling me to be a lace weight shawl when I spin it. This 2oz was my “practice” alpaca since I had not spun it before.

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