Carrot Cake


Yesterday everyone was commenting on how that carrot cake came out. The recipe is from the Pioneer Woman’s new cookbook for the holidays. Sigrid’s Carrot Cake is the name. I was super excited to be using this cookbook finally after standing in line a few months ago to get it signed.



I have to say the cake itself was super easy to make. I’ve never made a cake from scratch and found that part to be fairly straight forward and easy. I found I need a better  grater if I”m going to be doing any more grating of carrots.  This particular cake is cooked in a bundt pan. I borrowed one from a close friend in exchange for some of the finished goods. Our household can never (or shouldn’t) eat a whole cake before they go bad.



I’m gonna say that getting the cake out of the bundt pan was difficult. It came out in thirds. It still tasted absolutely delicious when we tried a few pieces that were stuck in the pan.



Once you frosted the pieces with homemade cream cheese frosting, it looked like mini cakes. This cake didn’t last very long at our house. 2 nights and our half was GONE. This recipe will now stay in my stash of awesome things to bake.

A week or two ago we paged through half the cookbook and marked recipes we want to try in 2014, so you will be seeing more from this cookbook in the future.

Until next time…


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