Weekend in Photos

Sunrise on the Missouri River
Sunrise on the Missouri River

Saturday morning in lieu of our usual morning coffee at the coffee shop, we got the coffee to go and headed down to the river. We had Rocco in tow as well. He needed the exercise and I needed the sunshine and fresh air.

Rocco at sunrise
Rocco at sunrise

He enjoyed the crisp air and cool weather.  Watching the sun come up and hit everything that was frozen was quite the sight. Most things just sparkled in the light.

Saturday afternoon I felt it was time to tackle my desire of making a carrot cake.

Making carrot cake!


While waiting on things to bake, I did a bit of knitting on my newest sock.

Harvest Dew sock in Dancing Dog Dyeworks Stockinette Zombies colorway

Sunday was mostly spent spinning on my wheel. I didn’t manage to get any photos of it either. Not that there was much to photograph. I have been spinning up some fawn colored alpaca from a local alpaca farm. It’s all plied up and I need to wind it off and wash it this week.

Aria Delicato scarf with SunValley Fibers in the Golden Harvest MCS colorway

Sunday after spinning I need to take a break from the wheel and I pulled out a WIP that has been sitting for quite some time. I think I managed two repeats Sunday evening.

The weekend was a great one and I managed to get quite a bit of stuff done.

How was your weekend?

Until next time…


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