Usually I try to give my yearly posts a grand title like “The Year of Spinning” or “The Year of Goals” or “The Year of Restraint”, etc. I really can’t put a name on 2014. I’m not sure what it’s shaping up to be yet.

Last year I took stock in expanding my horizons in a few areas of my life. I posted about fitness, spinning, cooking, knitting, the great outdoors, and more. I liked it, until it started to taper off later in the year. It seemed things kept getting in the way. Perhaps the glitz of a new year to “start fresh” had worn off.

So far it seems that the first quarter of this year is shaping up to be exciting in many ways. I have a house project that will hopefully be finished, work things that are gaining traction and will need to be finished, studying for that huge test once again, and then there is the rest of my life.

Spinning – I want to do more of this. I am a process spinner I’ve learned. Much like I am a process knitter most of the time. The thought of finished yarn isn’t what gets me spinning, it’s the creative process that happens while I’m spinning. I love the feel of the fiber through my fingers and seeing how changing just small things can create something different each time. I need to stop trying to spin for an end goal, it frustrates me and take the “fun” out of it.

Knitting – Similarly, knitting is a process for me as well. I love learning new techniques, and using different yarns. I do want to knit down the stash some more this year. I’m finding myself wanting to knit things for others lately. I plan to keep up with the socks, as I have grown to love hand knit socks and can’t give those up. The sock yarn stash is coming in at 6 – 8 skeins so that should keep me busy for awhile.

Cooking & Healthy Eating – Healthy eating in the winter is so hard. I want to eat all the carbs in the house along with anything that resembles a cookie! I’ve gone through a few recipe books already and flagged some recipes to try out this year. We have a good selection of sweets (homemade carrot cake!) and soups (Chipotle Chicken Chili).  I’m sure some others will creep in there too.

Cycling – This will be the year of the bike I forsee. I have some pedals that I want to purchase for my bike and then begin the arduous task of shopping for some biking shoes. I am hoping that this will allow me to put more power into my pedaling.  I’m enjoying the folks I get to hang with while cycling. We are even considering doing a couple days of RAGBRAI this year.  I love having supportive friends in this area. They have shown me that I can be successful if I just put my mind to it.

I think this will get me on my way in 2014. I’m sure there will be other things that pop up during the year.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “2014

  1. I’m the same when it comes to spinning. I’ve actually used not too many skeins of my own wool when it comes to knitting, I prefer the actual process of making it. I find it does take the fun out of it when you have a goal in mind for the finished yarn, rather than just enjoying the fact there is no deadline for it to be finished. Socks that are hand made are amazing. Just awesome. I LOVE hand knit baby socks 😀

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