First FO of 2014

The first FO of this year spans 2 years actually. I started these socks back in October of 2012. For some odd reason the 2nd sock has been stuck at the heel since spring of 2013. I guess these just got tossed aside for the next glitzy project that caught my eyes. No idea why, as this pattern was a great knit and one I’d do again.

Nutkin Socks out of Plymouth Happy Feet

I finished the 2nd sock today while indulging in a bit of Sabrina the Teenage Witch on Amazon Prime. Yes, that’s a guilty pleasure of mine. Reliving my early HS years with this show. (And yes, I did sing along to N’Sync and the Backstreet Boys when they guest starred.)

I did learn that my gauge on this 2nd sock is a bit different than the 1st. I’d say I’ve loosened up a tad since casting these on. Not too much different, they will sort it out with wear.

Happy to add this pair to the sock drawer.

Until next time…


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