Swatch Happy


The week before Thanksgiving I stumbled upon a 2 day sale on Knit Picks. It was for 50g skeins of this lovely tweedy yarn. The price was ridiculous and so I pounced. I had some birthday money left and decided this would be worth it. I picked up 15 skeins of their City Tweed Heavy Weight. It’s a heavy worsted/aran weight.



I knew this yarn would be my next sweater, so I grabbed out a ball and for a few days did some swatching. I ended with 3 swatches, 3 needle sizes, and all have been washed and blocked. Oh yes, I do the whole shabang. I have found I’m much happier in the end if I know what the yarn is going to do before I get the sweater done. Yes it delays that instant gratification of casting on a new sweater, but oh well.


I’ve measured the gauge and have found that I’m not getting the right gauge for the sweater I want to knit. It’s not off by much, but 1/2 stitch either way which will add up over a whole sweater. I think this weekend I will sit down and do some math and see if I can get something that will work.

Until next time…



3 thoughts on “Swatch Happy

  1. If you view it as part of the sweater knitting process, gauge swatches aren’t really that painful. You know?

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