Merry Christmas, Mom!

So last month when I was visiting my mom and brother, mom mentioned that Ree Drummand, The Pioneer Woman, had a new book coming out for the holidays and that she wanted to get herself one and me one for my birthday. Excellent! I love The Pioneer Woman! Then she mentioned she was doing a book signing in Omaha and wanted me to get the books signed. Sure! Why not!?


That was the line at 4pm when I got there. The signing started at 5pm. At this point, which I would learn later I was about 1300-1500 people back in the line. Not too bad I thought. It will move quickly. It was 44F out at that point.




As a knitter I have learned to ALWAYS have knitting in your car or purse because you never know when you will have an interminable wait. Yup so I pulled out my sock. I still had a good 4 inches of knitting to do on it before it would be finished.  I met at least 4 other knitters in the line, one who was regretting not bringing hers. Soon I was knitting by the lights of the Baker’s parking lot.

I made some new friends in line as well. I had a few folks watching the progress of the sock and commenting on it. Knitting in a line is a great conversation piece. And for an introvert it is much easier for you to respond to a question than to start the conversation yourself. I honestly don’t know that I would have lasted in that line without the knitting.



Ree Drummand’s husband, known as the “Marlboro Man” on the show came through the line here and there to meet people. I was one of the lucky to get his autograph.  I had him sign my mom’s book. He was super patient and polite. This was about hour 4 in line. I’d stopped knitting for a bit because it was now 33F out and my fingers were a bit frozen, even with gloves on. (Note: Time to knit those Knotty gloves I bought yarn for last year!)



After 6 hours, yes 6 hours! I finally got to meet Ree and have her sign the books. She was super lovely in person and just as charming as on her show!



By the end of the night I had a finished sock and the toe of the 2nd. (Once we got inside for the wait, my fingers thawed and I could cast on the 2nd.)



Here’s the cookbook! Everything inside looks absolutely delicious!



Merry Christmas, Mom! Thanks for the Monday night adventure.

Until next time…


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