Weekend Update

The weekend started off with the usual trip to the coffee shop in the morning. I decided since the weather was nice that I would take the wheel so I could spin while Ryan worked on homework. On the wheel is 2 oz. of alpcaca from Alpacas of the Heartland here locally. This stuff is spinning up so wonderfully. It’s spinning fine and is super soft.


After spinning Saturday morning, I spent the rest of the day knitting on Ryan’s Christmas stocking. I really wanted to get it finished this weekend and then start mine. I did get his finished while watching Thor on netflix in prep for the newest movie which I will try to see this next weekend.


Sunday it was time to tackle some items in the bathroom. Each weekend we set ourselves a task to complete and try to get it done. This weekend it was removing the toilet tank, removing the remaining lath and plaster and other wall material behind the toilet/sink area and then start to put up the new hardibacker (drywall like stuff designed for hanging tile). In the process of taking down the remaining wall we found this trove of used razor blades. Disgusting x 1000000000! There were 100s of them. Back in the day it was the norm to have a “Razor Disposal” slot inside your medicine cabinet. I guess they figured out of sight, out of mind.


Rocco was eager to spend every waking moment outside sniffing the air. I think he smells winter or at least cooler weather on the way. It was 60 or so and gorgeous outside all weekend!


By Sunday afternoon here was our progress. The rest of the backer board will go up once we get the medicine cabinet, light and a new outlet box. Then we can measure and frame in the remaining bits.


Sunday night we headed to a friend’s house for some food and some Catan. We played the Seafarer’s version however, due to our random distribution we actually didn’t have any islands. It did add some fun to the game though.


Hoping for more weekends this productive.

Until next time…


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