WIP Wednesday: Ryan’s Stocking

This past week has really been all about finishing Ryan’s Christmas stocking. I had to do some serious ripping back a few weeks ago due to a mistake that I made early on.


I managed to get all the way through the leg this weekend. Once you get into this pattern it pretty much flies.

As of this morning I was just beginning the gusset. This is one of those never ending gussets. It’s not hard, but just tedious. Hoping With some marathoning movies or TV shows this weekend I can rattle this bad boy out and start on my stocking.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Ryan’s Stocking

  1. It’s funny. Every time I see your stocking project, I think of how socks used to be so intimidating. And how they’re cake and these stockings are just super sized socks!

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