Finishing Things

Last week was a push to finish a couple things I had hanging around. Some I had hanging around for a year! First up was this baby hat I knit for a coworker’s new baby. I just needed to crochet the flower and sew it on. It had been done otherwise since early October.


The hat is Poppy and is a free pattern on Ravelry. I love the way it knit up and it is quite adorable.

The other thing that has been sitting for a year now, is my husband’s wool scarf I started last Christmas. I gave it a good steam blocking and wove in the ends. Yeah. It was sitting for a year and just needed minor finishing work.



Even with the garter edge he is saying it is rolling up on him. I am going to wet block it this weekend and see if that fixes it. I do love the herringbone on this scarf, and the Shepherd’s Wool is super soft!

Public Service Announcement:  I am sorry for those of you that I used to visit their blogs regularly. I had to change feed readers from Google Reader to Feedly, and while Feedly is nice, it’s not work friendly so my usual lunchtime blog reading has been reduced to zero. I try to catch up on the weekends, but truthfully it just isn’t happening. I’m sorry.

Until next time..


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