Weekend Recap

This weekend was productive on several fronts. I got some study time in along with some knitting and housework.
I finished knitting the button bands on my Lush Cardigan. I found some plain buttons for it at JoAnns last week.


I also managed to get some spinning done this weekend. After seeing all the spinning photos on Instagram this week due to Spinzilla, I decided to sit down at my wheel for a bit. I managed to get the singles all spun up and I will be plying them later this week. This is Thorin Oakensheild in BFL/Silk (75/25) from Shadawyn Fiber Arts. Love her fiber and color sense.


Once the knitting on the button bands were done, it was time to start the finishing work. I decided to try out the Knitmore Girl’s tutorial for adding grosgrain ribbon to a button band. I picked up some pretty grey ribbon at JoAnns and set to work. As of this morning I have one side with ribbon. I have to do the side with the button holes tonight.

Seems I will have a new sweater to wear sometime soon.

Until next time…


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