Weekend Recap

This weekend began a little early when we headed out of town to visit my mother and brother for the weekend. I love car knitting. The project of choice was my Blurred Lines socks which had been languishing in the WIP pile for a bit.

20131007-061612.jpgThe main purpose of this particular trip was to build a new set of stairs and a small deck for my mom’s place. Her stairs were getting rickety and falling apart. We set out early on Saturday morning to start construction.

20131007-061628.jpgBy lunchtime we had a pretty solid frame to attach the stairs and deck boards to.

20131007-061637.jpgBy the end of the day we had a deck and stairs! My brother will be putting in a handrail in the next week or so. So no worries on safety.

20131007-061647.jpgSunday we got back into Omaha in the afternoon leaving me some time to relax and finish the first sock in the pair. This morning I cast on its mate.

20131007-061657.jpgUntil next time…

3 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. I like your finished sock. I wish I could knit in the car, but I get motion sickness. Great construction project too!

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